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Engineering center «spetsenergo»

Limited Liability Company «Spetsenergo» is a diversified engineering company. Specialists of the "Spetsenergo" working in engineering since March 2003

We have next competences in the following activities:

We are supplying different equipment for energy facilities. We are supplying components for the building new and modernization of existing facilities. There is an active participation at all stages of life products from the preparation of technical specifications. We developing of project documentation, coordination of project documentation with regulatory authorities, carrying out supervision of building and installation of equipment, implementation of automated control system and the subsequent operation of the equipment.

Work is performed at a high professional level, in accordance with Russian and international standards, using fully our inner potential and subcontractors involved.

Engineering center «Spetsenergo» is the general contractor of more than 100 objects.

Engineering center «Spetsenergo» is widely using the EPC contract.

The principles of the EPC contract in priority of company

Engineering center «Spetsenergo» is responsible for all phases of projects according to specific contract conditions attracts subcontractors and suppliers of materials and equipment for timely execution of contracts. Only after all stages of work the Customer paid to Engineering center «Spetsenergo» for the work performed.

The activities of the company

In the post reformation period of energy of Russia in the market of services is a continuous process of forming a new type of integrated services of «repairing of energy equipment». Today it is not enough to participate in tender procedures for technical specifications, the customer is looking for a new service – a flexible and competent partner, capable of quickly and outside the box to solve complex problems. The changes affected not only repairs and new construction, but also of the system of state regulation of the industry, formed a competitive electricity market.

The establishment and beginning of work of the company "ENGINEERING CENTER SPETSENERGO" coincided with the completion of the reform of RAO «Unified Energy System of Russia». Fifteen years experience of working our company proves the ability and high efficiency of work in modern market conditions. Today power energy is the most important sector in the Russian economy. Our company directs all the facilities and capabilities to ensure reliable operation of energy assets in the Russian Federation.